Surftech Softop L2S

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Surftech Softop L2S

The Surftech Softop® has been the industry standard for over 20 years and is the best choice for surf schools, rentals, families and the destructive grom. We developed the Learn2surf® Softop® series which features our board positioning technology, bringing you the best product on the market for beginners.

Designed to hold up to the most demanding conditions, the Surftech Softops are not only durable but look and surf great with shapes suitable for any level surfer. The hard bottom provides the stiffness needed for fast, down-the-line surfing while the soft deck is safe for the entry level surfer riding the wave of their life for the very first time.

They are extremely durable, lightweight and guaranteed fun.

*Center Fin Included

Surftech Softop L2S

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeFins Included
7'6"21"2.6"48Lmini tuttle
8'21.5"3.1"29.6Lmini tuttle
8'4"20"2.5"31.6Lmini tuttle
9'20.25"2.65"34.2Lcenter box
10'23"3.3"87Lcenter box
11'25.5"4.25"120Lcenter box
12'26.25"4.4"147Lcenter box


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