NSP Shaper’s Union Chopstix


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NSP Shaper’s Union Chopstix

The Chopstix features a clean, rounded tail with a thruster fin set-up, combined with a single concave running the length of the board and a unique low-forward rocker allowing you to get into waves early and providing massive accelleration and speed control once surfing.

NSP Shaper’s Union Chopstix

5'4"18"2 3/16"23.0L
5'6"18 1/16"2 1/4"24.2L
5'8"18 9/16"2 1/4"25.7L
5'10"19 1/8"2 5/6"28.1L
6'0"19 1/4"2 4/9"30.5L
6'2"19 1/2"2 1/2"32.7L
6'4"19 7/8"2 5/8"36.3L


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