NSP Protech Hybrid


NSP Protech Hybrid


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NSP Protech Hybrid

One of NSP’s most high-performing shapes on the market. NSP Protech Hybrid meets paddling power in the most versatile and user-friendly shortboard.

The shortboard characteristics enhance performance, while the wider nose of a Fish unlocks paddling power and stability. Performance rails, bottom rocker, and foil all come together to make this a fast, stable and maneuverable shape for medium-sized waves and bigger swell too.

NSP Protech Hybrid, rider: Annie Reickert

Annie drawing out a bottom turn on her 5’6″ in Maui

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
5’6″ 19″ 2¹/⁴” 25.3 L 2.43 Kg
5’9″ 19 ¹/²” 2 ³/⁸” 28.7 L 2.55 Kg
6’0″ 20 ¹/²” 2 ¹/²” 35.0 L 2.96 Kg
6’2″ 20 ³/⁴” 2 ⁵/⁸” 40.5 L 3.15 Kg
6’4″ 21″ 2 ³/⁴” 43.5 Ls 3.22 Kg


A flatter rocker and added width catches waves easily and generates speed. Add a pulled-in round tail and you get a shape that has the necessary bite to hold through rail turns and steeper waves. The NSP Protech Hybrid has key-performance elements that intermediate to advanced surfers will access and appreciate as they rip on one of the most versatile and user-friendly shortboards on the market.

Tri-fin thruster setup guarantees speed and liveliness, with enough hold to ride out your line. For additional fin options from the same shape, have a look at the Elements Hybrid by NSP.


Strategically applied to the back end of the rails, the Carbon Flex Tail provides increased durability and resistance against increased back-foot pressure.

NSP Protech Hybrid

A Carbon Flex Tail is also more responsive than conventional construction and provides unparalleled flex response in turns. Visible through a small patch on the tail, the carbon layer extends throughout the tail section of the rails.


Custom Finish, epoxy core with a carbon flex tail, at an affordable price point

– Secure cell EPS Core
– 6 + 4 oz deck (Fish & Hybrid)
– 6 + 6 oz deck (Fun & longboards)
– 6 + 4 oz + 4 oz patch bottom
– Carbon Flex Tail
– Bio epoxy resin
– Twin tab finbox x 3 (Fish, Hybrid, Funboard) 2+1 Fin configuration (Longboard)

Included Accessories
3x M7 Side Fins
Eco friendly
Sustainable Surf - ECO Board
Green Epoxy Resin
Twin Tab x 3 Fin Configuration
Carbon Flex Tail

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