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NSP Airwing


This user-friendly, lightweight wing is the ideal accessory for foilers, SUPers, and surfers wanting to increase their time and skills on the water. The geometry of the NSP Airwing is designed to deliver smooth power, stability, and flowing handling, inviting you to experience new watersport sensations.

NSP Airwing Size Chart

Surface Wing Span Chord Strut Handles
3m² 280 cm 140 cm 4
4m² 307 cm 160 cm 5
5m² 345 cm 180 cm 5
6m² 380 cm 210 cm 6


The NSP Airwing is the result of tons of prototypes and hundreds of testing hours. The NSP R&D process refined the outlines, tube geometries, and foil profiles to deliver a ride that is smooth and stable. The wing is a stable, low-aspect shape, balanced with moderate dihedral angles that increase performance and wind range and help keep wingtips clear of the water.

With weight being an essential performance parameter, we aimed for the lowest weight possible, without compromising strength and durability. The strut and leading-edge tips are reinforced with light, but durable PVC wear patches, while the wingtip has a longer wear strip and its corners are reinforced with TPU wear pads for additional protection on land. The NSP Airwing will perform on water, land, and snow but we advise against excessive dragging over surfaces.

• Refined shape design, for balanced power and efficiency
• Leading-edge profile and dihedral shape deliver efficient twist dynamics
• Oversized and segmented leading edge for rigidity (10 segments on the
leading-edge for the 5m2 and 8 segments for the 3m2 and 4m2)


Out of the bag, the Airwing is ready for action. First, secure the supplied leash to the leading edge. Using the low-profile valve, inflate your Airwing to a pressure no higher than 7psi. By using one-pump technology, leading-edge and center-strut inflate together, forming a strong, flex-resistant frame. The supplied pump adapter will fit common Halkey Roberts pump nozzles, used for high-end inflatable products. *Pump sold separately

The low aspect ratio increases the range of use, powering up quickly, with a lot of freedom of movement for the rider. The 3D dihedral profile creates additional efficiency and stability in overpowered conditions. Lift off by giving it a few shoulder rotations, some light board pumps, and off you go. Once flying, the Airwing feels fast, and balanced, and can easily be tuned for power by moving your backhand between the ultra-comfy handles that run the full length of the center strut.


Boston high-volume valve Nobody likes to spend more time rigging up and down than necessary. A high-diameter “Boston” valve allows for efficient deflating and inflating.

Hardcore Wingtip reinforcements Especially for rough surfaces, TPU strips reinforce the wingtips, finished off with vulcanized PVC.

2-ply reinforced trailing edge Additional 2-ply strips and triple stitching protect the trailing edge from stretching, wear and tear or potential ripping.

Premium comfortable handles Four comfortable handles on the strut (five on the largest 5m2 Airwing) and three more on the leading edge allow for hours of rider comfort and gives the ability to tune the sheeting angle. The center leading edge handle is placed as neutral as possible and allows for complete depowering and control while you focus on carving, downwinding, and surfing.

Smart one-pump design A single-point inflation System gets you on and off the water faster and allows you to tune the pressure between the leading edge and strut.

Airwing Pump is NOT included: To keep costs down, there is no pump in this set, as many riders already have a small collection of pumps at home from their kites, SUPs or other inflatable equipment. Make sure your pump has one of these and you’re good to go!

Premium wing leash Highly durable 6mm TPU coiled wing leash with double stainless steel swivels, and a double-layer neoprene strap.

Additional Features;

  • Tapered wingtips
  • Twin windows
  • Triple stitched
  • TPU reinforcements
  • Camber panel
  • XL-Leading edge & strut
  • Dynamic dihedral

Materials Used;

  • High-quality TPU bladder
  • PVC Windows
  • TPU reinforcements
  • Vulcanized PVC
  • Ripstop canopy
  • Dacron leading edge and strut

The NSP Airwing is supplied with:
– Bag
– Wing leash
– Repair patch
– Anodized Aluminum pump adapter
*NSP Double Action pump sold separately


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