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Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket


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Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket

The Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket ought to be the main battle board in your quiver for Indonesia and Hawaii. Or anywhere where there are four- to eight feet of waves pumping.

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
6’4″ 19.375″ 2.5″ 33 L
6’10” 19.5″ 2.625″ 37.6 L
7’4″ 20″ 2.75″ 43.3 L
8’0″ 20.5″ 2.875″ 50.6 L

The Pocket Rocket delivers extra speed, maneuverability, and control. This makes riding on the edge a whole lot of fun and not a white-knuckled, “barely hanging in there” exercise. In general, the Pocket Rocket would be anywhere in length from 6′-4″ to 8′-0″ depending on the rider and where they surf.

Pocket Rocket

Putting a 6’10” to good use

The Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket comes in several colors, always decked out with the classic lightning bolt design hugging the rails. A gorgeous piece of iconic surfing equipment that looks incredible both in-and-out of the water. Watch Mr. Pipeline talk about the North Shore, his surfing, and his Oregon workshop at the bottom of this page, and check out the fin set up below on the 8’6″ version of the Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket:

Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket

Fin cluster (fins not included)

About Gerry Lopez

Hawaiian-born surfer Gerry Lopez shouldn’t need an introduction. One of the pioneers at Pipeline, his smooth and graceful riding in contrast with the powerful wave made him an icon. Later, his travels to exotic places like G-Land/Plengkung Beach further reinforced his legendary status. Having grown up just when surfing shifted from hardwood boards to foam, surfing became much more popular amongst kids as the lighter construction made surfing accessible. Blessed with a natural talent, the rest is history.

“The first time you get a ride on a surfboard and you are being propelled along by a wave, it’s probably as close as humans can get to being able to fly like a bird. I’ve tried to think about it and figure out what it is exactly that makes it so wonderful. I guess it’s a sense of freedom.”
Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket Construction

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