Donald Takayama boards

For those unfamiliar with the Takayama name, Donald (Moke) Takayama was a professional surfer and surfboard shaper and widely considered one of surfing’s very greatest. Pictured above, Miki Dora, another surfing legend, shares a moment with Donald Takayama back in 2001, somewhere in Noosa.

Originally hailing from Hawaii, Donald started shaping young and surfing even younger. Spending most of his free time on the beach surfing, it didn’t take long before someone from the mainland took notice. Dale Velzy, an industry legend himself, but at the time a relatively unknown entrepreneur, invited Donald or “DT” over to California to shape for him. This move to California kicked off a life lived for surfing, and today, an original Donald Takayama is a highly collectible piece of surfboard history, changing hands for thousands of dollars.

Responsible for several iconic shapes, Takayama designs have been licensed to Surftech for more than 20 years. Surftech is an established surfboard manufacturer from the States, faithfully committed to the original shapes. Their Takayama surfboards do benefit from upgraded constructions in key areas, with carbon composite reinforcements, updated fin boxes or graphics where necessary.


The Scorpion 2 is one of those boards. Essentially a modified version of the Scorpion, the Scorpion II has a wider tail and narrower nose with a more “rounded out” template. The Tuflite construction is what makes it ding- and pressure resistant, and yet it feels light when you lift it up.

The wider tail volume allows riders to go a little shorter in board length and allows for endless fin combinations like single, 2+1 or quad setups. Because of the shape, a Scorpion II excels as a groveler and will perform in overhead island style barrels too.

Recommended Fin Setup:
– 2+1 FCS2 w/ a 6.5″, 7″ or 7.5″ (2+1 setup)
– FCS Quad
– Experiment

Available specs:
5’5″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 5/8″
6’0″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ 


Some riders are not ready to downsize to a shortboard, and they may not be into longboarding and the typical ride that comes with a log either. For these type of riders, a Takayama Egg is a perfect solution.

Created for intermediates there’s a lot of appealing features. There’s paddling speed, early wave entry and riding doesn’t require you to put your back foot over the fins – trimming the board from the middle works as well.

Accomplished surfers who feel their fitness deteriorating appreciate the performance features of the Egg, it’s early wave entry and down the line speed.

Competent older surfers who’s fitness isn’t what it was will love The Egg’s performance and the early wave entry which allows them to compete with ever busier, younger and fitter line-ups. Surf SUP Warehouse currently stocks both the TL Pro Carbon version and the TUFLITE version of the Takayama Egg.

Available specs TL Pro Carbon:
7’2″ x 21.15″ x 2.7″

Available specs TUFLITE:
7’2″ x 21.15″ x 2.7″
7’6″ x 21.5″ x 2.9″

TAKAYAMA sumpthin