That’s right! Our “Surfboard Demo Sales” or, our “boards-that-got-tested-and-may-have-some-wax-and-user-marks-on-them-and-are-now-super-affordable”. Either way, it’s your best bet to score a quality surfboard at a very attractive price point.

We won’t be adding these boards to our regular Don’t mind us for not putting these boards on the site; we’ll post occasional reminders in our social channels (here’s FB and here’s IG) about this Demo Sales page, as a full Gumtree listing is available on this page right here:

NSP Protech Funboard 7’6SurfAvailableGumtree$150
NSP Protech Longboard 8’6SurfAvailableGumtree$300
nuu Knogg 6’0SurfAvailableGumtree$300
Elements Fish 6’8SurfAvailableGumtree$350
NSP Protech fish 6’4SurfAvailableGumtree$350
NSP Shredsta 5’6SurfAvailableGumtree$350
NSP Surf Wide 7’4SurfAvailableGumtree$350
NSP Surf Wide 8’4SurfAvailableGumtree$350
nūu Knogg 6’0SurfAvailableGumtree$350
nūu Socialight 7’6SurfAvailableGumtree$400
nūu Socialight 8’0SurfAvailableGumtree$400
Sharp Eye Modern II 5’4SurfAvailableGumtree$400
Surftech Butterfish 5’4SurfAvailableGumtree$400
Sharp Eye Modern II 5’8 DCSurfAvailableGumtree$550
DMS Gherkin 5’6SurfAvailableGumtree$600
SUP BoardsTypeStatusURLPrice
NSP Elements Cruise 9’8SUPAvailableGumtree$700
O’Neill size kids 14WetsuitAvailableGumtree$50
Foil BoardsTypeStatusURLPrice
Foilscience Flight 5’6SurfAvailableGumtree$450