BARK has worked with Surftech for over 20 years to build paddleboards in the latest and most competitive technologies, consistently helping ocean endurance paddlers to perform at their very best and without damaging their equipment when travelling to the next race!

A word on size

A BARK Commander LT is slightly more narrow and ideal for a lighter paddler up to 160lbs (72kgs)

The mid-size Commander ST accommodates the average-size paddler in any condition. Ideal for paddlers between 135lbs-190lbs (60kg – 85kgs)

The Commander WD has a slightly wider tail section for more volume to accommodate a heavier paddler. This makes the WD great for paddlers between 175lbs-225lbs (80kg – 100kg+).

Surftech premium travel bags for BARK

Talk to us!

Most of our Bark prone boards are available in stock and on backorder, so if a board is currently not available in your preferred dimensions, please let us know?

We can check the availability of other sizes in our warehouse and we can tell you when which board is available for shipping at the touch of a button – let’s talk.